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 European Silver charms,Custom Hand stamped design at a inexpensive price you can afford!
S & K Beads and Charms and Hand stamped designs

 Founded in 2009:After my daughter requested a Pandora bracelet I went out and started looking to fullfill her Christmas  wish. After a long search for a bracelet at a price I could afford and not worry about her losing it or it being stolen at school , I concluded that in my area there was not a inexpensive way to get it.She and all her friends had this on there list, so I decide that I would look into buying wholesale and purchaing for several girls at church for gifts. When I did I found out how high the markup at retail stores realy is and that there are a lot more choice out there for charms than we see in local stores so I began collecting for friends and a hobbie and love of charms turned in to S & K Beads .  As a company  focusing on 925 silver charms, solid core glass beads and also a line of silver plated charms. Our goal is to provide you with quality jewlery at a price you can afford.

 We carry a large selection of european  style Beads to fit your Pandora and like bracelets  with over 500 styles,at a price you can afford! We offer quality items in all price ranges with items starting as low as $1 and nothing over $20. We now offer gifts cards, purchase the amount you want and we will mail it to you or your friend they pickout what they like and we send it out for you in a nice gift box! Free shipping to all US location.  If you are looking something special and don't see it let us know we are placing orders now and looking for new items to stock just for you.*To be added to our email list for up coming specials and events join as a member go to the contact us page.If you would like to host a web party and earn $$ to shop contact us to set up your party on the web party page! If you are not 100% satisfied return your item for full refund!